Thank you Sherrie for your persistence and determination in making this world a better place. Your last venture- the 8th Annual Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show was an incredible success in spreading awareness about difficult issues from suicide to bullying but also gave hope to those who I treat on the daily basis, those who struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and traumatic experiences that prevent them from believing that they could trust another person again. Your story and stories of those who experienced empowerment and healing from being a part of your organization are giving hope to those who still are isolated and lonely. Suicide is preventable, depression can be treated, trauma can heal. You believe that and you speak out loud. You see, your passion and charisma is your great gift and you are using them for positive change. You are naturally born to spread positive energy. Every time when passion couples with persistence there has to be a success!
Kasia Pilewicz, LCPC, CADC
Psychological Counseling Center
Illinois, 2017

You will forever be remembered by Liberians for your dedicated and humanitarian services to this great West African Nation. Your work in Liberia worth commending and I will always stand firm in promoting your works. Say hi and thanks to those that are standing with you in the fight.
Moses Makpeh Tokpah- Liberia, West Africa
Radio Margibi FM 103.9MHz (2017)

Sherrie has had a great impact on my life as well as my 7 year old daughter’s life. She has mentored and made my daughter into a confident, strong role model and spokesperson, who is passionate about saving lives and mentoring children who are being bullied. I was a victim of bullying growing up and I know the long term effects it can have on a child. Sherrie has encouraged me to help many overcome what I went through.  Through LOLC my daughter has been featured on NBC channel 5 news, talking about how she is making a difference alongside her mentor, Sherrie, and teaching children how to put an end to bullying.  Sherrie has helped us both grow and guided us in saving lives. Recently we encountered a hard situation where a close friend was on the verge of suicide and Sherrie was there immediately to guide me and together we saved her life! Words cannot express my gratitude for all Sherrie has done, and we look forward to many more years by her side, supporting and spreading awareness to many more.  This organization is saving many lives and making such an impact on many! We love Sherrie and Live Out Loud Charity!
Rosie Esquivel & Kayla Garcia- Illinois, 2017
Miss Worldwide Latina Princess Ambassador for LOLC & spokesperson since 2015

I would like to appreciate you for all your good work you have done in Liberia. My meeting you in 2015 wasn’t a mistake. Your resiliency and passion for humanity has changed the mentality of many young people in Liberia and around the World. Your trip in Liberia 2015 were something that left tears in our eyes. You came for the sole purpose of making an impact and you actually did by working tirelessly without sleep. You spoke to students in Liberia that never had hope and through your speech, some of them had restored hope. You actually proved yourself as a beauty queen and a person who never allows their title to hold them back to help many people who suffer and have died in the past. Your love for Liberia has turned to making Liberia your second home. Your recent visit to Liberia, July 16, 2017 turned the page around for good. We are glad that you took your time, leaving your comfortable bed and delicious meals from the USA just to restore hope and recovery to many young people who are dying daily from stress and depression. You travelled with us miles to villages and towns just because of your love for humanity. You walked through the mud, with mosquitoes biting you and other creeping insects because of your passion to make an impact. You transferred bricks by hand from the car to the land because you have a heart that is full of love. We as Liberians, we are all grateful to have you in our country. Our hands are open to you at any time. You have proven to us that God’s purpose for you on earth is being fulfilled. We are grateful for your friendship and partnership and for all that you have done in Liberia. Every where you went through the two humanitarian visits to Liberia, there has been tremendous changes and love, I mean agape love. Thank you so much.
Emmanuel Divine Kpoto- Liberia, West Africa (2017)
Director of Operations
Bill Rogers Youth Foundation

My initial time meeting Sherrie Gearheart was at a model call audition in Kentucky 2016. When I first met her I said to myself, ” there’s something about this lady that stands out and saw a glow in her eyes ” I didn’t know what Live Out Loud Charity stood for or what it meant! When Sherrie explained to me/other models as well, what she represented and why she started LOLC my heart just melted! Suicide prevention, building core character and ceasing bullying is definitely something to stand for because people were victims of these issues everyday unfortunately. And to know that there are people out here like Sherrie to go the extra mile to help those in need is absolutely AMAZING and love felt! That thing we need more of , LOVE ❤️! I immediately knew in my heart that I wanted to support Sherrie and her organization to help those who are going through such agony. Coincidentally around the time during the model call, I had received bad news of a few peers committing suicide so I felt as if I was in the right place at the right time and wanted to walk for these special causes! Thank you Sherrie for everything you do and have done, and continuing to do to save lives of those who feel like they have no purpose in life and helping those in need to feel special inside and out ! Thank you for allowing people that have experienced any type of bullying, suicidal thoughts or feeling less of themselves to have a voice and giving them a organization to call on if need! Thank you for the opportunity to be a model in your shows and to be recognized in your Tiara Magazine! 💕 I look forward to work with you in the near future! God bless you and Continue to bless others beautiful! Xoxo 😘
Myqua Jones- Kentucky, 2017
Professional Model

Miss Sherrie, Thank you so very much for inviting me to that great event. I have no words to describe how wonderful a person you are. Thanks to you and your foundation I know a lot of people are safe. Recently my little girl of only 8 years old suffered from bullying because of her slow learning in school. I know the pain of a mother and the quiet suffering of a small child when her friends look at them different and treat them differently so I will love to help in any way that I can. You can count on me for any event for your foundation. I really want to help and be a part of this great organization. Thank you Miss Sherrie. Thank you for being such a humanitarian. God keep blessing you. Happy Holidays. Much Love.
Ruthy Escobar- Illinois, 2017
Creator of Touch of Glam Cosmetics

I have been following Sherrie for about 3 years now. She has helped me so much through my turmoils. Just recently, I had a setback from my PTSD and through the training provided and the LOLC website I was able to prevent going further into depression and stopping suicidal thoughts. Through the training I have saved several lives. In addition, through the training provided by LOLC my 13 year old daughter has prevented 4 suicide attempts in others. We are so grateful for the Live Out Loud Charity and kind work they do to promote suicide prevention, core character development, and anti bullying. My daughter and I both feel empowered and we will continue to work with Sherrie to support her charity. This initiative brings awareness and continues to save lives!
Nallely Garcia Nava- Indiana, 2017
Ms. Indianapolis 2017
Ms. Midwest 2017
Spokesperson for Live Out Loud Charity since 2017

Sherrie Gearheart it is thanks to you that I discovered the USA and many beautiful people like you. Thank you very much for inviting me for the second time to your event. It was an immense honor for me to be able to support your association. I really congratulate you for your perseverance, your determination, and your professionalism. My experience at your side was just magical. I love working with real people who release positive energies. The ballroom was spectacular and the show was very successful. I think we still have a lot of things to do in the future. I wish you every success in what you do, may God help you.
Wafaa LAHLAH- France, 2017
French Haute Couture Designer

LOLC has helped me through thick and thin. When I felt my lowest I knew I had Sherrie and the other ambassadors to fall back on. We’re a family, we have a bond that’s unbreakable. Sherrie has to be one of the strongest people I know when I needed her there she was always by my side. Not only has she helped me when I was at my lowest when I was bullied in school for the second time but she was an inspiration to me to know that times will get better and I will come out stronger then ever, exactly like Sherrie did. I just had to fight for my spark back, and the reason I had to fight was because if Sherrie did it, I could do it to. LOLC will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s a charity like no others. They are only one call away.
Emma Gavin- Ireland, 2017
1st Irish Ambassador since 2014

Sherrie Gearheart has helped me in so many ways. She is the most trustworthy and reliable person I know, and it is amazing knowing she is always there for me. Sherrie has helped me grow as a person and as a mental health activist. Through Live Out Loud Charity I have learned so much, not only about how to save a life through suicide prevention but I’ve learned a lot about myself and it has helped me find who I am which has enabled me to be happy and help others. Sherrie and I have become so so close, she is like family now. Sherrie and Live Out Loud Charity (including my Live Out Loud Charity family from all over the world) are my life savers, I honestly don’t know where I would be today without them. Big big thank you to my big sister, Sherrie
Jade-Louise Donnelly- Ireland, 2017
Irish Ambassador since 2015

Hello Sherrie, I can’t add you as friend but over all I just want to thank you for this amazing experience! It was such an honor to walk in your show and be a part of something greater than all of us! I didn’t get to hear the speeches but from what I know it left a lasting impression on many, including my parents! I appreciate all that you do and hope to be a part of your next shows and events.
Karina Salazar- Illinois, 2017
Professional Model

Sherrie, you are the most kindhearted and down to earth person I know. You have always been there for me no matter how busy you get. You have been there through the ups and downs of life. Throughout the rollercoaster ride of life you have taught me so many things from life lessons to different coping skills when depression starts to take over. Due to my own mental health struggles and having the opportunity to be trained in different programs through LOLC I have been able to save countless lives. You continue to inspire me everyday when I see you working hard to make LOLC and yourself better than they were yesterday. You are so humble and beautiful inside and out. Thank you for everything that you have not only done for me but taught me as well I will cherish every moment. Happy holidays and see you soon!
Desire Patterson- Florida, 2017
Spokesperson of Live Out Loud Charity since 2015

Sherrie Live Out Loud Charity as helped me through though so much. I was in darkness for about 3 years and when I became apart of LOLC as an ambassador I saved 5 lives from The Training I was provided. LOLC has helped me with my mental health and I thank you and the charity.
Katelyn Buerger- Illinois, 2017
Illinois Teen Worldwide Ambassador since 2015

Sherrie Gearheart, Omg I love you queen. You have no idea how much you have changed my life. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for your continued support of Danaya Designs 4U. Thank you for everything that you do for people internationally. Thank you for helping to elevate our photo shoots and helping models to continuously slay the runway. I have had so many amazing experiences because of Live Out Loud Charity. Thank you for just being you.
Danielle T. Carroll- Illinois, 2017
Owner/Founder of Danaya Designs 4U
Contributor of HFL Magazine
Producer of Alternative Thought Radio

Since joining Live Out Loud Charity you have truly been an absolutely amazing mentor and have been there for me through some of the hardest parts of my life. They’re so many things I thought I’d never be able to make it through and you truly were there for me and cared. When I first became apart of LOLC I was suicidal and depressed. After hearing your speech I began to work to better myself. You truly have taught me how to love myself when I felt I didn’t know how too. You showed me a different way to look at situations and life. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life to mentor me and guide me through the valleys and the mountains but also the pastures. You have a huge heart and amazing goals. I’m so happy to say LOLC is my family.
Kary Ann- Indiana, 2017
Indiana Teen Worldwide Ambassador since 2016

Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of LOLC but most of thank you for putting together a movement that means so much to the world and can/have save lives, you are a beautiful person. I can go on and on, wow (getting emotional). Thanks Sherrie, you are awesome!
Yolanda Evans- Kentucky, 2017
Professional Model

Thanks for representing our state and the Ms. America Pageant. I love Susan and the Ms America Pageant. I would like to meet you some day.
Debby T.- Illinois, 2017

Sherrie Gearheart and LOLC helped me get through my mom’s passing and showed me how to be positive and stronger everyday!!!!!
Benjamin Scott- Illinois, 2017
Autism Activist, Model, Spokesperson for LOLC since 2018

Good evening Sherrie, I would like to give you a big thank you for making me part of Live Out loud Charity fashion show. I really enjoyed it. I would love to be apart of any other shows that you will be hosting. I will make sure I am available for future fashion shows, just let me know of them. Thank you!
Adjoa D.- Illinois, 2017

I want to send out a special heartfelt thanks to the producer, Sherrie Gearheart of the 8th Annual International Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Charity. I twas truly a blessing to have been chosen as a model, thank you so much.
Cynthia Goolsby- Illinois, 2017
Professional Model

Sherrie, Thank you again for allowing me to attend your charity event. It was absolutely amazing. I also appreciate how humble and down to earth you are. I would love to volunteer for your next event if needed. Also, if you have any other upcoming events you may need a traveling stylist to attend. I would love to jump on board. You are a beautiful, smart lady, that has a brilliant talent. I always like to keep like-minded women in my circle. Enjoy your day! Happy Holidays.
Crystal Bell- Illinois, 2017
Founder of Sleek to Perfection Mobile Hairstyling

None of this would be possible without the incredible work, network, and hard work that flowed from Ms. Illinois, former Miss United Nations, Sherrie Gearheart, who has been all heart not just through this event, but through 8 years of building the incredible community Live Out Loud Charity that is dedicated to showing how sustain-ably gorgeous and joyous it is to focus on suicide prevention and uplift survivors. Sherrie Gearheart could trademark the word Hardwork. Sherrie Gearheart, thank you for your amazing hard work and for the network you have developed. I’ve literally NEVER had so many models give me credit, share my posts and promote my brand, and we know that’s because of the culture you are cultivating. Thank YOU.
Natalia Marie- Illinois, 2017
Fashion Designer/Creator of PranaMaker

You are so beautiful Sherrie Gearheart! Absolutely stunning!! It was such an honor doing this show and being part of this amazing charity! You are an amazing woman and an inspiration for women like me. You deserve the world. Love this video.
Jessica P.- Illinois, 2017
Professional Model

Thank you for the positive and life changing experience via LOLC fashion show last night when Sherrie held my hand and I felt a kindred heart and lots of genuineness off from her. It was my first time walking for LOLC. It made a great impact and what a night to remember! I’m glad that I’m part of the eighth annual LOLC fashion show and I did bring my good energies and my heart is in it which is rare for me to do in the chicago model industry. I see you, Sherrie Gearheart! God bless you and he will bless you much more blessings in your life. Forever support n love for LOLC cause.
Ashley Chavers- Indiana, 2017
Professional Model

Hi Sherrie,
Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to stay sweet and a heart of gold.
Denisa C.- Illinois, 2017

This woman is amazing. She is the CEO and Founder of Live Out Loud Charity and she put on such an amazing show that myself and mom attended. And she isn’t even 30! I hope to work with her forever.
Calynn M. Lawrence- Illinois, 2017
Two time award winning Publicist-Edditor
Founder of The Fresh Faces Project
Fashion Blogger of Fashion Thunderclap

I want to thank you Sherrie Gearheart for just being who you are and such a loving and giving person, you have a heart of GOLD. Because of you, Shear Gold Fashion will be the name that people will remember when I’m no longer here. The Live Out Loud Charity will always be an organization that I will support.
Ms. Annette Evans- Illinois, 2017
Fashion Designer/Creator of Shear Gold Fashions

My goodness… I can’t stop thinking about the show!! It was incredible. I’m so honored and humbled to have worn all of the amazing designs from all of the designers who allowed me to showcase designs on the runway. Thank you! Thank you to Denisa Coca for referring me as a model. Thank you Sherrie Gearheart for allowing me the opportunity to be part of something so great and for being so hands on and in it all the way. From planning/organizing, being in touch with everyone, educating the models, helping us practice, and rocking the runway yourself… so inspiring to say the least.
Model- Illinois, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! Saw you Sherrie on the news… fantastic! You are doing a great job… keep on going, you really make a difference for so many people. God bless!
Jan T.- Illinois, 2017

Every time when I see all of my models posted or tagged with my design pictures it really makes me smile. It gave me energy and motivated me to try harder, work harder, and telling me not to give up. I’m giving a very special thanks to you Sherrie Gearheart and all of my models, photographer, hair and makeup artists. They performed very well. Each one of them do really care for me and for that I thank you too.
Jackson Skyler- Illinois, 2017
Fashion Designer & Creator of Royal Rose Fashion & Embroidery

The 8th Annual Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show was amazing. Sherrie Gearheart, you set the bar really high for the next show. I was so moved by the speeches, Virginia’s beautiful dancing, Megan’s powerful and inspirational singing, and all the gorgeous designs and models with a purpose.
Karee B.- Illinois 2017

Thank you again for putting on such a fantastic event tonight. As I said our group is always looking for new organizations to donate to. With the very moving statements made tonight, I’d like to invite you to speak at our meeting about the Live Out Loud Charity. Please let us know your schedule. Thanks again and it was truly a pleasure meeting you.
Alexander G.- Illinois, 2017

I was in your show in Ky earlier this year and wanted to be in the Live Out Loud this month, however, I already had obligations to Lexington Fashion Week on the same day. After your model call ended Lexington cancelled their event and rescheduled for another date. When and where will your next show be? I definitely do not want to miss it again. I love the cause and the people involved.
Christie P.- Kentucky, 2017

Sherrie, thanks so much for the opportunity given to be a part of the spectacular event! Congratulations and hats off to you for putting this together. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it and supporting the cause. It broke my heart to hear couple of the speeches in the show. If there is anyway I can help volunteer for the organization I am just a message or a call away. Thanks for all your endless effort and great work.
Swetha C.- Illinois, 2017

The beautiful Sherrie Gearheart, former Miss United Nations and I at the best fashion show of the year. Live Out Loud.
Driyah H.- Illinois, 2017

Sherrie the show looked AMAZING!!! I’m so so so proud fo you. Seeing this charity blossom has my heart so warm. Congratulations queen. No matter what you do, you always put you’re 100% into it and you’ll always be my inspriation especially when times get tough. I look at you and know it’ll all be okay. Miss you and love you!
Emma G.- Ireland, 2017

I respect what you guys are doing. There need to be more people like you in the world. Thank you for all you do.
Chinga- USA, 2012