Sherrie Gearheart is happily married to the love of her life, which she met in June 2016 on an airplane to Ireland. After a 7 hour long, nonstop conversation on flight, she knew she had met the one. The pair started dating officially upon their return in September 2016 and were married in September 2017. Sherrie and her husband have two beautiful daughters.

Gearheart is the CEO of Model Icon, Inc., a luxury brand that promotes diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry through its magazine, fashion shows, and workshops. Gearheart produces fashion shows that showcase models of all heights, sizes, ethnicites. As a 5’6 model Gearheart had much success as a runway model despite her height. Gearheart shares her secrets and connections through Model Icon to help models and designers establish their brands in a competitive international market. Model Icon encourages everyone to be a model citizen through its public outreach efforts.


Sherrie founded a non profit organization that lasted a decade and had thousands of participants attend its fashion shows which were some of the largest in the Midwest. Each fashion show had a purpose which built confidence and self esteem within its participants while cultivating healing and hope by suicide intervention training. These participants were individuals that lost loved ones to suicide, had been bullied, or battled depression or other mental health crises. Live Out Loud Charity started in 2010 after Sherrie lost her childhood friend to suicide. He was only nineteen years of age at the time of his death. LOLC (which existed from 2010-2019) educated audiences around the world on the signs of depression and suicide prevention through media interviews, training workshops, its leadership academy, and public events. Gearheart conducted several hundred suicide interventions helping individuals find hope again. Live Out Loud Charity launched in July of 2010 with an annual fashion show (models were all sizes, heights, ages, and ethnicities) where youth, families, and the community celebrated life while discussing an important issue, suicide prevention. Each lolc fashion show produced by Sherrie educated the audience on the signs of depression and the 3 QPR Institute steps for a suicide crisis intervention. Sherrie started a division of LOLC called the Worldwide Leadership Academy in 2013 to inspire, educate, and lead future leaders and spokespersons to further expand the LOLC mission. The program later became a 12 week training course. By 2016, Sherrie had trained over 100 spokespersons in the Leadership Academy along with establishing grass-root efforts within eight countries. Gearheart


Gearheart holds over twenty suicide prevention certificates from: QPR Institute, Trevor Project,  ASIST, Tufts School of Medicine, Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide,  The Jason Foundation, Diploma in Mental Health Studies from AMEDDMental Health & Illness Training from Open University, Truth Media Certified Mentor, certified in Mental Health Studies- Suicide, Violent Behavior, and Substance Abuse and certified in Mental Health First Aid.


In 2013, Gearheart received the national Miss America Community service award at the Miss Illinois Scholarship Association pageant. In August of 2015, Gearheart received the Minnie Riperton, Humanitarian of the Year award presented by the We Dream in Color by Dr. Quinton De’Alexander.  In July of 2019, Gearheart received the Lifetime Achievement award by the Fashion World Grammies presented by Ms. Dee Divine.

The Finale

Over the course of the non profits existence Sherrie produced over 120 awareness events across the USA and internationally. She presented her core character development program in 8 countries.  Some of her favorite charity work took place in Liberia, West Africa a post war torn nation healing from trauma and poverty. Gearheart also notably loved her charity work in the Philippines.  Most of Gearheart’s suicide prevention work took place in the Chicagoland area. The non profit had a tremendous final event held at the Palmer House on December 1st, 2019 which had over 1,000 attendees and over 300 models. Gearheart worked tirelessly to make the finale event a success as she closed a chapter of her heart.

Media Coverage

Gearheart has been featured on NBC5 Chicago News segment, Making a Difference, where Patrick Fazio interviewed Ms. Gearheart showcasing the school presentations and awareness events she produced for core character development and suicide prevention. Gearheart has appeared on countless USA media outlets, to name a few: Lousiville News (Fox, Wave11, ABC), Chicago News (ABC, NBC), Cedar Rapids (ABC), and countless radio interviews.  International media outlets have appeared in the following countries during her humanitarian trips overseas: the Philippines, Liberia, Ireland, and France. Gearheart has supported her former LOLC ambassadors which have appeared on media outlets across the world. Aside from her life’s work in suicide prevention Gearheart has appeared in countless magazines, galleries, and promotional ads as a model.


In 2010, Gearheart created a life-changing program called Core Character Development which has been presented in 8 countries. CCD motivates individuals, youth and adults alike, to conquer their fears, build their self esteem, while establishing foundational goals for their future.
In 2013, Gearheart created the Worldwide Leadership Academy training over 100 ambassadors in public speaking, suicide prevention, event producing, public outreach, and media relations.
In 2020, Gearheart created a 3 week self esteem intensive workshop healing individuals heal so they can reach their full potential.


In August 2019, Gearheart won the Mrs. Royalty America pageant title in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In December of 2018, Gearheart was selected as the Mrs. Illinois for the Royalty International Pageant system. In the fall of 2017, Sherrie was selected to represent the state of Illinois in the Ms. America Pageant which took place March of 2018. Gearheart received 2nd runner up despite having suffered a miscarriage only two months prior.

Sherrie Gearheart was chosen to represent USA and vie for the coveted international title of Miss United Nations 2015.  In July of 2015, Sherrie Gearheart, represented USA and won the United Nations Pageant. Gearheart has gained international acclaim as Miss UN 2015, as a professional runway & print model, as a public speaker & singer, and editor of Tiara Magazine. Sherrie worked tirelessly fulfilling her duty as Miss UN by visiting five countries in the first six months of her reign. The purpose behind every trip was to promote suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and core character development. Gearheart is also a pageantry & model coach, opera singer, professional model, editor of Tiara Magazine. Gearheart appeared on Luxe TV as an Emcee for Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris for two seasons and has appeared on countless media outlets.  (You can read more in depth below).

International Pageant Winner & Pageant Coach
Sherrie has won multiple pageant titles:
Mrs. Royalty America 2019 (Wisconsin, USA)
Miss United Nations 2015 (Kingston, Jamaica)
Awards: best in talent, top model award, charity award
Miss Best Image 2015 (Shanghai, China)
Miss United Nations World Ambassador 2014 (Kingston, Jamaica)
Miss Illinois US International 2013
Illinois’ Ultimate Miss 2013
Miss Southern Illinois 2012 (MAO)
Awarded the national Miss America Community Service Award
Miss United America 2011 (Texas)
NISP Royal Achievement Queen 2011 (based on charity work)
American Image National Miss 2010 (South Carolina)
Awards: top interview, supermodel award
NISP Elite Queen 2010 (Illinois)
Awards: highest interview, speech, and formal wear
Miss Northern Suburbs 2009 (MAO)
Countless Teen titles in 2007-2009
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Year of Service

Over the course of Sherrie’s year of service as Miss United Nations 2015 and she logged approximately 200,000 miles traveling across the country and internationally to address an array of audiences on her platform: suicide prevention, anti bullying, and core character development. As Miss UN 2015, Gearheart met with countless governmental bodies including: Prime Minister of Jamaica, Foreign Ministry of Information addressing the nation LIVE in Liberia, United Nations Women’s Organization of Liberia, and countless more. Gearheart interviewed on multiple media outlets, and completed three humanitarian tours. As part of her awareness-raising efforts on behalf of suicide prevention, Sherrie also launched a social media campaign, Live Out Loud, to break the silence and stigma surrounding mental health, suicidal thoughts, and depression.  Through her social media channels, Sherrie asks people to share their testimonies of overcoming depression and suicide so we as a nation can advance in mental health and restore the balance of happiness. In 2016, Gearheart completed humanitarian tours in Jamaica, Ireland, and Puerto Rico while creating over 20 awareness events in the USA that year alone. During the summer of 2017,  Gearheart traveled to Ireland for a 3rd time and to Liberia for a 2nd time to complete her international humanitarian tours dealing with the prevention of suicide, anti bullying, and core character development. She also partnered with Bill Rogers Youth Foundation to inspire and motivate the youth of Liberia.

Spokesperson for Bill Rogers Youth Foundation
During her year, she also served as the official Spokesperson for the Bill Roger’s Youth Foundation (BRYF) focused on helping children in Liberia through sports and recreation. In December of 2015, Gearheart visited Liberia, West Africa as the first ever mental health advocate to address the nation on its mental health needs live on tv at the Foreign Ministry of Information. BRYF’s team on the ground assisted Gearheart with her efforts. Liberia, which was struck by the Ebola Crisis and a civil war that lasted fourteen years. Sherrie continues returned in 2017 to continue her message of hope for all Liberians.

Editor of Tiara Magazine
Sherrie is Founder and Editor in Chief of Tiara Magazine a pageantry, fashion, and modeling publication. Sherrie started this publication in 2009 to give a voice to women in the pageantry and fashion industries that are making a difference in their communities. Furthermore, Tiara Magazine is proud to celebrate all aspects of pageantry (plus size, Mrs., Ms., Teen, Children, Ethnic, among others). Tiara Magazine features queens from various pageant systems across the globe. Learn more about Tiara Magazine.

Model Coach
Gearheart also trains aspiring models and beauty queens so they can achieve their dreams. Gearheart founded Model Boot Camp which ran for 10 years to help aspiring models gain exposure, experience, and an incredible portfolio for an affordable price. To book Sherrie for individual model coaching contact us today.

Travel Map in 2015 & 2016 & 2017
Countries visited in 2015 & 2016 & 2017:
Monrovia, Liberia (Dec 2015, July 2017)
Paris, France (October 2015, March 2016)
Dublin & Mayo Co., Ireland  (June 2015, June 2016, July 2017)
Beijing & Shanghai & Chengdu, China (May 2015, November 2016)
Kingston, Jamaica (July 2015, July 2016)
States visited in 2015 & 2016:
Dallas, Texas (three times)
Austin, Texas; Los Angeles
California (twice)
New York, New York (six times)
Decatur, Illinois (twice)
Chicago, Illinois (homebase)
Valparaiso, Indiana (seven times)
Orlando, Florida (three times)
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (twice)
Lapeer, Michigan (three times)
Countries visited in 2012 & 2014:
Naga City & Legaspi & Manila, Philippines