A Cry for Help

Tonight I prepared for a presentation with parents held at a west suburban Jr. High School (West of Chicago). I am so excited to present to the parents because it is much needed in today’s society. I can not even express how amazing and awesome our Live Out Loud Charity member, Liz Harper, is for making this possible. Thus far, together we have presented to the entire 6th grade student body, entire 7th grade student body, and tomorrow we have the parents’ presentation. The following day we present to the 8th graders. We are making a huge impact reaching well over 700 individuals with just a few presentations. Students and teachers alike are very receptive to our anti bullying and core character development message. Tomorrow I have the opportunity to present not just our CCD and STAR programs but also the suicide prevention seminar. I will also be presenting the dangers of the Blue Whale “Challenge” sweeping our nation by storm. This challenge has claimed the lives of over 130 students in just one year. It was brought to my attention by Sean’s sister Megan. She sent me the Yahoo News link. Since then two schools (one in Illinois and one in Indiana) have sent warnings to parents as it is becoming an issue in the USA. Please note there are most likely many other schoools issuing warnings. I mention two schools since those were brought to my attention by charity members of LOLC. This is not the first of its kind and it certainly is not the only pro suicide movement out there. Discussing this topic with your loved ones and children is important regardless of the culprit.

There is a very eye opening article in the SUN Newspaper regarding this challenge. Our charity has also been positively featured in the SUN Newspaper in the past and this is a trusted newspaper in Europe. Furthermore, this challenge has been written by several other news media outlets including in the USA. However, I feel the SUN Newspaper truly captures the heart of the issue and the severity of the problem. This article absolutely broke my heart. Please parents talk to your children and follow the QPR Steps if you are worried about your child. Lastly use the resources found at LiveOutLoudCharity.org to get help for you, your child, or loved one.

Whether we want to accept it or not suicide is promoted on social media. Teens and youth (all ages really!) are posting on social media reaching out for help. Becoming QPR Certified educates one on the signs of suicide and how to actually do an intervention. Youth and adults alike need to know how to handle this situation when it occurs. Lives can be saved with the proper education and resources. This is the aim of Live Out Loud Charity. Majority of our suicide interventions have been done through social media where it is easier for most people to express their cries for help. Trained individuals reach out to us to know how to handle the situation and we assist with interventions. We also offer the hotlines and encourage 911 to  be called when it is severe. Below are the links relevant to this post: Thank you- Sherrie Gearheart

Sun News Link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3002981/blue-whale-game-suicide-russia-rules-challenge-social-media/

QPR Institute $30 Training Online (takes approx 1 hour or so): https://www.qprinstitute.com/ 

Resources available online: www.liveoutloudcharity.org/help



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