Speech Topics

1. Suicide Prevention & Awareness

  • Is someone suicidal? Know the signs. Break the silence.
  • Suicide Intervention: three steps to save a life from the QPR Institute
  • Inspiration: personal testimony of triumph, examples of great leaders and motivational speakers
  • Education: informing audiences of global, national, or local statistics for depression, suicide, and the causes

2. Anti-Bullying

  • STAR (STOP, THINK, AND REACT) an easy to remember, relate-able anti-bullying program educating elementary students of the four types of bullying and how to stop a bullying situation
  • Legacy: how do you want to be remembered? Your words have power. A segment that is part of the Core Character Development program. This particular anti bullying segment is perfect for all ages, especially Jr. High, High School, and College students.

3. Core Character Development

  • Character & Value Building
  • The importance of education and community involvement
  • 8 Steps to making your dreams come true
  • How to overcome fear with affirmations
  • Mirror exercise for building self esteem